Classic Fire Engines
Our fire engines and professional crew are available to meet your requirements
Classic Fire Engines
Classic Fire Engines
Our Turntable Ladder attending a funeral in Norfolk
Classic Fire Engines
Our meticulously maintained fire engines are the perfect way to carry your loved one on their final journey
Classic Fire Engines
Our experienced crew is there to make sure your day goes smoothly
Classic Fire Engines
Our Turntable Ladder attending a double funeral in Preston
Classic Fire Engines
Our fire engine hearses are a fitting tribute to firefighters and loved ones who have a passion for the service
Fire engine hearse

Fire Engine Funeral Hearse

Classic Fire Engines provide an exquisite range of genuine vintage and contemporary fire engines for funeral transport, as an alternative to the funeral hearse. 

We know how important it is to ensure your loved ones wishes are honoured. We provide peace of mind by keeping our fire engines in pristine condition, ensuring your loved one is conveyed on their final journey in the highest quality transport possible.

Our Turntable Ladder provides a traditional transport service, whilst our Pump Ladder  has been fitted out with bespoke, discrete coffin carrying equipment to provide a covered transport option.

Our team has over 50 years experience within the Fire and Rescue Service and are experienced in maintaining and operating fire engines. Our staff include serving and retired personnel.

As professional firefighters, our staff understand the sentimental importance of the role they perform on behalf of bereaved families.  They will wear the appropriate uniform, whether it be period or modern, to make your loved ones final journey as special as possible.

Fire Engine Funeral Hire

We often work directly with the funeral directors so as not to trouble the grieving family.  If you wish for your loved one to make their final journey with us, then please discuss this with your funeral director.  

Family members are always welcome to travel with us and their loved one on their final journey.

We have received many kind messages from our customers over the years like the one below, to see more see our testimonials page.


Fire engine funeral testimonial