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Our Volvo Turntable Ladder attending the double funeral of a retired fireman and his wife
Attending a funeral in Norfolk
Our Camiva turntable ladder attending a recent funeral
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Our Volvo Turntable Ladder attending a funeral
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Our Volvo Turntable Ladder attending the double funeral of a retired fireman and his wife
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Our turntable ladder has attended funerals across the UK
Our Volvo pump engine attending a recent funeral
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Camiva Turntable Ladder

We have owned this 1985 Dennis F127 Camiva EPA30 Turntable Ladder for a number of years. This appliance is specially adapted for funerals, with a purpose built rotating platform for the casket to be strapped on to.

Following retirement it has appeared in various TV series and commercials including: ‘Casualty’, ‘King of the Fridges’, ‘Knorr Commercial’ and the long running series ‘London’s Burning’. In the latter, it was used for Recall’s funeral:

This appliance was built by Dennis specialist vehicles (Guildford Surrey) as a demonstrator and toured the country for about 18 months visiting brigades which showed an interest. This was the 1st of only 6 built for the UK and served with the Merseyside Fire Service until 1998.

The vehicle is powered by a Perkins V8 turbo 540 engine and has an automatic gearbox. The power to the 100ft (30m) ladder is provided via a power take-off, which also provides power for the 5kW generator. The ladder was built in France and can be elevated to 74º and extended to 30m in 20 seconds; it can also rotate a full 360º. The onboard computer controls all safety limits and monitors manoeuvres.