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Carefully restored fire engines to take your loved one on their final journey
Our Volvo Turntable Ladder attending the double funeral of a retired fireman and his wife
Our Volvo Turntable Ladder attending the double funeral of a retired fireman and his wife
We are there to make sure your loved one has a special final journey
Our turntable ladder has attended funerals across the UK
Our friendly and experienced crew ensure your day goes smoothly
Our Camiva turntable ladder attending a recent funeral
Our crew of serving or retired firemen
Attending a funeral in Norfolk
Our Volvo TL
Our Volvo Turntable Ladder attending a funeral
We deal directly with the funeral director, so as not to distract the grieving family
Our Volvo pump engine attending a recent funeral
We attend funerals throughout the UK

Our director is a qualified fireman who has spent 18 years serving with Cheshire Fire Brigade. Classic Fire Engines emerged from his hobby of restoring and preserving old fire appliances. He now has a total of 6 in full working order and all properly fitted with equipment in serviceable condition.

We plow most of what we make straight back into the maintenance of our existing engines, and the restoration of more historic fire appliances. We usually have at least one restoration in progress at any one time, and our appliances are exhibited at many shows and events around the UK.

Our appliances are maintained by Classic Fire Engines’ sister company, Fire Engine Services UK, who are available to service, maintain and restore your vintage fire appliance. Despite being retired from service, the vehicles are maintained and put through the regular 90 safety tests.

For your event our appliances will be crewed by either serving or retired firefighters. They will wear the appropriate uniform period or modern.